Pizza is undeniably the greatest food group ever! It is something I loved as a kid and still do. I spent nights in college talking about owning a pizzeria with my buddies, and we spent more nights eating PIZZA! Owning a pizzeria was cool to talk about but at the time it was just a “dream” or one of those “cool ideas”.  

But then, In 2012 a wedding trip to San Diego turned into an “Aha Moment” and the idea of Sourdough Pizza Company was created! During vacation I had my first “pizzaiolo” experience working with my soon to be brother-in-law. David was working with a wood-fired pizza oven at some local farmers markets and a private event that he was hosting.

The Aha Moment happened during the wedding. The pizza team was in need of some help.  I was asked to step in to help with the pizza because my brother-in-law was clearly busy with the wedding festivities. While cooking pizzas (in my suit) for the wedding guests I was also saying in my head “this is it” this is how we bring great pizza to Lynchburg! With no professional culinary experience, Megan and I came back to Virginia and built our first pizza oven on a 12’ trailer that we still use today.